Hello Team! I hope that you read this on a beautiful day. Today I want to talk about results tracking and why it is so important. To a lot of people it may seem like a waste of time, but if you are someone who struggle with motivation, results, or consistency, then results tracking is extremely important. There are few different things that you should track to maximize your results:


Track your energy- Another great thing to pay attention to is your energy levels. The more you exercise you put into your daily life, the more happy hormones we produce- YAY. Track how much energy you have on a daily or weekly basis. That is a great indicator of how well your program is working.


Track Measurements: Take a tape measure and track your neck, shoulders, chest, waist (smallest part between your chest and hips) belly button, hips, left/right thigh, left/right calf, left/right bicep, and left/right forearm (the largest part of your forearm). When tracking your measurements we suggest using CMS as they are more accurate and easier to see changes week by week. Try to pick points on your body that you will remember so that you can be more accurate. Make sure you take ALL of the measurements each week, as you will be amazed at where your body will shed CMS. You can track this in PVA Trainer by selecting “Quick Add”, “Add Measurements”.


Track weight– I mean in the sense of how much resistance you are lifting. Track the weight you lift each exercise so that you can go back and see your progress. Some days when I just do not feel like I am getting results it is great to go back and see where my strength started vs. where it is now. You can easily track this in PVA Trainer by selecting “Quick Add” again.


Track distance and time– “hey Lorne, I just did an hour on the treadmill” – awesome! How far did you go? Most people are unable to answer that question. My response to that- if you walk or run on the treadmill, is that the same workout? NO! That is why when you do any kind of cardio, track how FAR you go and how long you go for. This way you can measure change. Once again you can easily track cardio in PVA Trainer by selecting “Quick Add”


Tracking your progress is so important. I would like to make a note that tracking is just as important when you are not on top of your “A” game. Often we talk to people who have stopped tracking because they have fallen off the wagon slightly. The problem with this is that once they start up again, they might have an unrealistic starting point. They will put in tonnes of effort and when they do get around to tracking they might not like the results and start a negative cycle over again. So even when you might not want to track your measurements after a hiatus, please doJ Once you know, where you are, then you can set GOALS. Keep at it


Thanks for reading


High five