Some Words From Our Clients

I have been training with PVA since August, training with Lorne since the middle of October. I hate exercise, and love eating and drinking wine. Somehow, Lorne has guided me in finding a balance of all three of these things. I never feel like I’m deprived of anything and his workouts are constantly changing making it impossible to ever be bored. My body is looking WAY better and I feel really good! I will never love exercise but I am loving the results. I have a program that I can easily stick with and a trainer that supports me every step of the way. Also, it is AFFORDABLE, which I love. I HIGHLY recommend PVA!*

MG, Alberta

Lorne and his team (including Andrea who coached me while Lorne was off gallivanting in Peru last summer) are outstanding. So much motivation for his clients, support or ass kicking what ever you want to call it, love and passion for changing the lifestyles of his clientele, just amazing. I cannot STAND fitness nor sweat and my results, though not complete are amazing. Anyone that trains with the Provision team is sure to be successful. This actually works!*

Lynn James, Alberta

I discovered Provision Athletics at the Fort McMurray Fall Trade Show. I started on with Lorne for one month and loved it! Someone tailoring a workout plan for your individual needs is awesome and having an online trainer to check in with every day to keep you accountable for your workouts and nutrition makes all the difference! I would definitely recommend trying out PVA if you’re thinking about it – you won’t regret it!*

Shaneen Goodwin Fort McMurray, Alberta

I have 3 kids so the time to go to the gym is virtually none existent. PRO VISION ATHLETICS gave me a program that I could easily do at my own pace when I could find 30 Spare minutes. May have taken me a bit longer than most but in 6 months I achieved more than I thought I could without the gym :). Thank you Provision Athletics*

Kristin Picken Airdrie, Alberta

All personal trainers have their own values, morals, solutions, programs, and the techniques in which they prefer to incorporate all the listed into your lives. Whether or not you ‘click’ with them is a completely different story and, as usual it begins with a huge amount of doubt when you first sign up. I can’t say I haven’t clicked with any of my past trainers, but with Lorne it was a different kind of click, if that makes sense (any of Lorne’s previous + current clients will know exactly what I mean). Confidently sidling up to me, one fine morning late September of 2011, he offered me a free personal training session with him and promised that if I was easily able to climb down stairs the next day, his name wasn’t Lorne. Well, I thought, I’ve got nothing to lose and I love challenges! So I readily agreed and what can I say… it’s just been a whirlwind of epic workout sessions, a lot of laughs, AMAZING results, a few deserved punishments here and there (all in good spirit, I like to think), and tons of fond memories! Lorne is an amazing personal trainer, and an even better human being. He pushes you to your limits, but is very careful not to cross them. He is very sympathetic, always has time to lend a hand to anyone, gives out compliments, and praises like there’s no tomorrow, and in the entire year that I’ve known him, has never said a negative thing about anything or anyone. When I look back, it’s still hard to believe how far I’ve come. From drinking a large hot chocolate as a meal, to actually reading labels and hunting down protein for my main meals like it’s a matter of life or death. From absolutely loathing exercise, to waking up every morning, eager to start breaking a sweat. From treating my body like a garbage bin, to actually paying attention to the fuel I provide it with. With my eyes closed, I can easily say that this is all because of Lorne. He suggested I try a different diet, try this new workout, try not giving up all the time, try not to barter with him about different exercises (and take my epic bartering skills to Mexico instead lol, personal joke!)… Just TRY and see what happens. And try I did. I’ve never looked back once, and have not regretted a single thing. Lorne’s presence in my life has truly been a blessing! I feel excited whenever I meet any of his new clients, because I know that if they let themselves, they will be able to embark on a beautiful self-journey such as the one I went through. And whenever anyone asks me, “How is Lorne as a trainer?” I always say the exact same thing: “Just do what Lorne says, and you’ll thank yourself.”*

Izzah Afzal Calgary, Alberta

In early May of 2013 i recieved a text message from a number I didn’t recognize saying “hey buddy, it’s Lorne Osborne I’m in northern Alberta and heard your up here too. how’s life been treating you?” Lorne and i went to school together but as most friends do went our separate ways after high school to pursue our career’s. it had been close to ten years since we were in school so i was pretty stoked to be chatting. we talked about the usual’s what are you up to, how have things been, are you married, where do you live, so on and so forth. then came the question about what you were doing for work, and lorne explained to me how he was doing some managing at the gyms in Calgary and now was working in some of the camps up north here trying to help get people in those camps to be alittle healthier.  i , being over weight and outta shape at the time commented on how that was a pretty cool gig and that i should look into doing something like that because i wanted to slim up and be healthier as well but really had no idea of how to go about it or where to start. this is when Lorne told me of the program he had designed online to do just that, and that if i was interested i should go and check it out when i got home and he would call me and walk me through it, we chatted on for awhile and then when i got home i did just that, and he called exactly when he said he would, we walked through the program and i was very impressed at how easy it was to work aswell as the fact that it was designed for people like me that work a lot and have very little down time, and to top it off im stubborn and refused to go to a gym, he designed everything to work with what i had. the program also offers a video to show you step by step exactly how to do each and every one of the exercises so you were never wondering if you were doing it wrong or how to do them. anyways after a good conversation over many things about the program as well as more catching up between friends he finally asked me, “so are you in?” i of course hummed and haa’ed about it for a bit and then agreed. we completed the set up next and that was that i was signed up and ready to go…..he set up my first work out and then asked what he told me later was his most important question….when are u going to start? i again hummed and haa’ed but eventually said “might as well getter done tonight” and he applauded me and gave me an “atta boy”……when i started with Lorne and Provision Athletics i was 250lbs… five month’s later, i now weigh MUCH LESS and am consistently going down, and now can see the outline of my abs! NEVER had that before. i have never felt better, stronger, or healthier in all my life, i have more energy then i can ever remember and my body works with me now instead of against me when i push it to its limits.  i owe all of this to Lorne. he called me EVERY day asking how i was, how the day went, and of course if i was ready to sweat! im not gonna lie at times it was tough and i thought about just callin it quits and coming to terms with being over weight for the rest of my life, and every time i thought about it Lorne had something to say that changed my mind even before i said anything to him about wanting to quit…..however i did tell him that i was going to quit once….. he said his heart sank and he was speechless until i explained to him it was just starting to cost me too much money for new clothes because NOTHING i owned would stay on me anymore it was all so big and baggy i couldnt tie it on, Lorne replied to this saying “you know i’m not sorry for that” followed by his famous “;)”  at the end of his text. no i didnt quit, and i never will.  Lorne is the EASIEST person you will ever talk too, he has a soft voice that carrys more power and motivation then the loudest supposed “motivational speaker” out there.  his passion for making you a better healthier you will impress anyone out there. he runs his program 24/7 and thats no lie. if u text him or call him at 3am because u woke up with a question u just need to have answered about the program he answers. i personally look forward to continue working with Lorne for a long time to come and without a doubt in my mind will continue to recommend him and his team to everyone i meet that wants to change and become a better version of themselves. Thank you Lorne and Provision Athletics, you are my hero’s*

Cecil Sutherland Fort McMurray, Alberta

When I started the program I had been training for about 4 years. I was strong but never really leaned out and gotten sustainable results. I started at 293lb and was amazed at how fast I started to make positive gains. The work outs were great and well rounded. I enjoyed the relationship between the trainers and had great open communication with them. It put enjoyment back in to training for me and the gains I have made have left me feeling happier and healthier than I have felt in a long time. I finished the challenge, weigh much less and I feel great. Thanks provisions athletics for helping me change my life.*

Sandy M Fort McMurray, Alberta

When you realize that it’s time to become healthier through activity and nutrition and don’t know which program or diet to follow as there are so many out there Lorne Osborne and his team at Pro Vision Athletics will create your program. A personalized workout and nutrition program that guides you to make a lifestyle change, changes that are habit-forming from preparing meals in advance, what foods to eat and reading all labels on any food you buy. The flexibility of workout times during day and which days work for you, it’s not always easy and Lorne is available to you 24/7 for any question concerns and advice or suggestions or alterations to your program. Lorne will also text you everyday to see how your doing. It’s not always easy, you can have a bad day, a bad week and Lorne will teach you to let it go and just carry on he has been there to. Lorne will laugh at the workouts he has created for you. There were times when I saw them the only thing that went through my mind was “You have to be kidding me”. I believe that is his way of challenging you to challenge yourself. There were some workouts at the time I could not do but after 12 weeks I can now do them. Lorne is dedicated and knowledgable in the area of fitness and health and wants each person he trains to be happy and successful. Kudos to Lorne and his team at Pro Vision Athletics. Thank-you*

Elsa D Fort McMurray, Alberta

I was introduced to PVA through a 3-month company fitness challenge. I needed a kick to get back to a regular fitness routine; as well as; a healthier diet so I signed on for the challenge. From the start I found Shayna to be knowledgeable, a great listener and above all else supportive. Even when I felt I was not progressing fast enough she would have an encouraging word to keep me focused on the end game. It was fantastic. Lorne, too during the weekly weigh-ins and measuring was Always positive (even when the results might not have been).At the end of three months I have achieved the goals of I am back on track with a regular exercise routine, I am eating better and I am on target to hit my weight loss goal in the time frame projected.I enjoyed working with Shayna so much during the challenge that I have continued on with her after our challenge. I would not (and do not) hesitate to tell people about PVA. Thank You to Shayna and Lorne. Your encouragement and support have made all of the difference.*

Tracy General Fort McMurray, Alberta

Working with Provision Athletics has been such a pleasure. I have not previously exercised and used time and not knowing what to do to hold me back. With this program not only did I have scheduled workouts, they also came with links to show me exactly how to do each exercise. I was also able to workout from my home and spend quality time with my daughter as she often participated in her own little fitness routine Lorne was nothing but motivating and encouraging. I would recommend their programs to anyone who is afraid to start their fitness journey. Lornes guidance has made me more confident not only with my body but knowing I can do something I have never done before. Fitness should be a positive experience and Provision Athletics is exactly that!! Great job you guys!! Thank you so much for everything!!*

Tiffany Solberg Edmonton, Alberta

When I first started PVA I thought it was just going to be boring and easy work outs. After I started it, Kim put me through some intense work outs. He got me addicted to the high intensity work outs that he was putting me through. After the month I did I made some good progress in my gains. I was lifting more, had more endurance, and got me over my plateau. I would recommend this to anyone that enjoys hard work and the feel of a good burn. My trainer listened well, when I told him if I didn’t like something or if something bothered me he had no problem changing the program into something that fit my needs. The trainer always kept in touch with me on a daily basis. Over all PVA was a good experience and I would do it again*

Anthoni Shepard Houston, B.C

I joined Provision because I was the type of person that found whatever excuse to not go to the gym. I hated the weight room during high school phys ed class. This was mostly because I was embarrassed. When I went to the gym and other people were around, I would default to the cardio equipment. Picking up a free weight was out of the question because, besides curling them, I didn’t know how to use them properly and couldn’t lift much either. Lorne said he could help and he didn’t disappoint. With the variety of exercises at his fingertips, he could customize a program for me that suited my goals, my fitness levels, and equipment available (home, gym, vacation). I learned how to do dozens of exercises and use almost every piece of equipment I have come across. When buying some equipment for my home, Lorne helped me pick out the right things (on his own time). He would also drop in on my workout once in a while (at no charge) when he was in the area. He would make sure I was keeping the intensity up and actually doing what I said I was doing. My strength improved noticably and eventually I reached the point where I was comfortable picking my own exercises and overcame my fear of the gym. I told Lorne I was ready to leave the program and he didn’t try to pressure me into staying for his own benefit; not even for a second. He simply told me that if I was able to do these things on my own, he had succeeded at his job. I couldn’t agree more. I do miss the daily motivation to get at it and eat healthy but the most important thing was the door to a healthier lifestyle that Provision opened up for me.*

Todd Kennedy Airdrie, Alberta

I will start by talking about what I thought I would do for this challenge. In the beginning I thought that changing my diet and exercise would allow me to reach my goals fairly easily. Let me say this is extremely difficult to accomplish with 3 children as I started preparing 2 separate meals every day for the first month and allowed my children to eat the same foods that they have always eat. This changed in the last 2 months of the challenge myself and my wife decided that the best thing was to try and create foods that were both healthy and tasty to eat which isn’t easy with our kids. So the first month of training was pretty easy for me to get used to because I have been playing hockey all winter. When the training programs come out each week I noticed that I never felt sore in the same place because the exercises were always changing to new areas of the body which allowed me to feel fresh each time I worked out which also prevented me telling myself that I was too sore to workout. I really enjoyed the fact that we did this as a group even if we had different reasons for doing it. I chose to change my eating and lifestyle slowly to be able to stay with something that can be maintained forever. I made a few changes to my eating in the past I was eating 2 times a day on average but for the 3 month challenge I got up to 4-5 times a day with pretty much the same amount of food as I did in the past just a better choice. This changed with my kids as well my children were now eating what felt like all the time but a lot better choices. I monitored our monthly cost for groceries, take out and purchases at the store in January we spent just over $1600 at stores, groceries and take out which was a lot higher then myself and Melissa realized we were spending. After January we made a stronger effort to grocery shop for each week and after February and March month come to and we realized that we were spending a total of $200 per week and $1000 a month for groceries and now spending about $50 a week at stores and nothing on takeout which has allowed us to use this challenge to change our habits and make us more conscious on what we feed ourselves and our children. Although I didn’t lose as much weight as I had hoped to I felt that doing this challenge has allowed my family to live a better lifestyle because now myself and my wife feel a lot better at the end of a work day and now we have the extra energy to spend with our kids bringing them swimming and other fun things we didn’t do as much as we would have liked after work or on the weekends because we always felt drained. This challenge was more of a test to see what our family could do together to better ourselves. Thanks for giving myself and ultimately my family the chance to be more active and healthy I really enjoyed every day.*

Mike F Fort McMurray, Alberta

Well tailored program to fit every need. I’m a computer guy that very rarely exercises. After time using Provision I lost weight, felt healthier, are better and gained muscle. Being where I’m located it’s not always easy to workout but they got a program that fit my lifestyle and I seen some spectacular results to the point people commented on it quite often. Thanks Provision.*

Travis Pottie Arichat, Nova Scotia

I have been using provision for the last 4 months and I have had great success in both losing fat as well as building muscle. The program is convenient you have access at all times and the trainers all take great care in following up and encouraging you everyday. All programs are created specifically for every individual no matter the physical ability or goal. I’ve tried several ways to lose weight and learn to live a healthy lifestyle provision has by far been the best.*

Jennifer Skroch Calgary, Alberta

I have worked out in an on/off type manner for most of my adult life. When I heard about PVA I had just recently jumped on the fitness train again after a long while off and I was managing to get to the gym 4 to 5 times per week, doing my own routine with machines as I have always done. What compelled me to contact PVA was boredom of my same old work outs, I wanted to step- it-up and having someone else figure it all out for me sounded pretty awesome (and I was kind of hoping that there was some magical formula for working out that could get me results instantly that perhaps I didn’t know about)…….fast forward 5 months and I cannot say enough great things about my experience with PVA and about my online trainer, Lorne Osborne. Convenience came in many forms. Lorne does a great job customizing my workouts around available equipment or shall I say, lack of, as I find myself in many different gyms due to travel. Any change I want or need in a specific workout for a specific time frame whether it’s a vacation workout or exclusion of a specific exercise, or even something I’d like to try differently, Lorne is just a text away and is very accommodating to my ever changing needs and questions. It really takes away any kind of stress of having to figure things out for myself which is huge when life gets busy and can easily become an excuse not to workout…. I found out that I had a lot to learn about exercising! There is no magical solution that gets you instant results of course, even though I was hoping, but I now have more understanding of the concept of working out efficiently. I love my new way of working out. At first it took me a bit to adjust (lots of complaining, sorry Lorne) because it was foreign to me and it felt awkward but now, I wouldn’t do it any other way, I enjoy the variety of exercises and the high intensity! Easy workouts are a thing of the past. I see my body transforming as I get closer and closer to my goals, and I feel fabulous! I no longer drag myself to the gym and can now say with confidence that my fitness goals are no longer on/off again, but rather embedded into my everyday lifestyle…..I’m actually having fun and enjoying the results  Thank you PVA!*

Bonnie QuiringPrince George, BC

It’s too easy as you age to look at that roll around your waist and go, whatever…Just wear looser, baggier clothes. Right. SOOOOOOOOOOOO wrong. That’s your health you’re talking about. That inner tube could take you down a path you don’t ever want to go. Remember how great it felt putting on clothes from years ago and them being loose? Maybe give it another try! I’m almost 55 and Provision Athletics did it for me. I feel like I’m 35 again!*

DebiLyn Smith Houston, B.C

* The amount of weight you lose will vary depending on your body type and exercise levels.
You are in charge of the results, so choose the right trainer!