Sometimes our clients say it best:

” Not all results can be seen on a picture of represented on a scale or measuring tape. My results are that I have increased my daily water intake, am eating regularly throughout the day and workout daily. I don’t have any underarm flab anymore. I can do regular push ups and full bench dips. I am stronger both physically and mentally. Even when my depression hits, it only lasts for hours instead of days. I know that I will make it through because I am STRONG!

I would not be where I am today without your support!”

Such a true statement! Not all the results can be seen on the scale and not everyone gets the same thing out of it, but in the end that’s a good thing. Everyone has a different idea on what “HEALTHY and HAPPY” means.

Whatever your happy and healthy is………………keep striving for it! You’ll get there:)

Here are some easy changes that are not scale related!

  1. Drink More water
  2. Do some form of exercise each day
  3. Plan 3-5 minutes each day to plan tomorrow
  4. Add more vegetables to each meal
  5. Smile more often

Changes do not always have to be drastic to be dramatic! Pick something small and easy and master that before going to the next! Master enough small tasks and it will eventually snow ball into some HUGE changes:)

PVA Trainer- Lorne