Tired of Paying $50-$100 PER HOUR? Instead of paying a weekend certified trainer to stand beside you when you are at your best and to ignore you when you really need them, why not invest in a professional who is with you 7 days a week. A professional who will support, direct and teach you what to do every step of the way!

Our Platinum Plan Includes

  • New Customized Fitness Plans each week

  • Daily Contact with your trainer

  • Unlimited access to your trainer

  • Trainer has a Kinesiology Degree as a minimum

  • Unlimited access and changes to program

  • Constant support and motivation

  • Pictures, videos and descriptions of each exercise

  • All programs delivered through PVA Trainer app


1 Month


3 Months

  • SAVE $50.00

6 Months

  • SAVE $125.00

1 Year

  • Save $520

What Happens Next:

We are excited to help you with our Customized Fitness Plan with Daily Contact. After a payment is received, we will contact you about your goals, abilities, limitations, time etc. After that, our professionals will create your customized fitness plans.  You will have access to your custom created workouts on the PVA Trainer App . Under the “PVA” Tab on your dashboard, you will receive your individual workouts new each week. After each week your trainer will go over your progress and adapt a new plan. You will also have Daily contact and access to your professional for changes, motivation and support. If you do not hear from us promptly- please contact us at 844.287.9782 or contactus@provisionathletics.com. We do our very best to contact everyone as soon as possible, but with high demand- we will get to you as soon as we can. Once again, welcome to the team and feel free to contact us at any time

Money Back Guarantee

Provision Athletics is proud to offer NO CONTRACT and a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. That means that you are never stuck with what you might not want. If, for any reason, you do not like the service you are receiving, or anything at all, we will reimburse you for what you have not yet used. Example- If you purchase 6 months worth of training, and after 2 weeks you decide it is not for you, we will reimburse you for 5 months and 2 weeks. Keep in mind that we offer “discounted rates” for long term commitments. If you do decide to stop the program before a discounted rate can be applied, PVA will pro-rate your “used time” as the weekly rate. Keep in mind that here at PVA we have NEVER had to use our Money Back Guarantee after 2.5 years and over 1,000 people and we hope to continue that streak, so please choose an option that best suits your needs:) We take pride in delivering a service that is over and above, so that every client is happy with the value they receive for every program. So buy with confidence.