How to MAXIMIZE your time exercising!

Hey Gang- Lorne here from Provision Athletics, and I want to go over the #1 reason why MOST people never see results when it comes to a fitness program-


Periodization is the key to any health and wellness goal. By changing variables within the program, the body continues to adapt and therefore continues to progress towards the goal. By definition, periodization is the systematic planning of athletic or fitness training. It involves progressive cycling of various aspects of a training program during a specific period. Periodization divides your program into phases of training which focus on different goals.


So why is it important and why does it have anything to do with me?


Creating a periodized plan is important for many reasons, but most notably to avoid the plateau effect and to avoid injuries.


The most common thing I hear from anyone looking for a fitness program is that “they have tried everything” and nothing seems to work. When we begin to dig a little deeper into “what” exactly they have been doing without results, it is commonly the same thing. “I found this program online”, “I have been doing the same thing for months” or “I lost a few pounds on the treadmill the first few months, but lately I haven’t lost anything”. If this sounds familiar to you, then you are more than likely suffering from the plateau effect and a non-periodized plan, or perhaps no plan at all.


Another common problem we hear from inquires is that “they tried something else and got hurt,” or that they were “unable to move for weeks at a time after a hardcore workout”. If you are continuously getting hurt or you are in so much pain that you do not want to do another workout, then how do you EVER expect to get the results you are looking for?


The answer is to create a periodized plan that is customized to you, your goals, your body, and your limitations. Having a road map that will take you from point “A” to point “B” will not only allow you to effectively achieve your goals, but also allows you to stay motivated through the process.


How should I use Periodization?


Here at PVA we know that no one has the same body, goals, abilities, time, equipment etc, however, we use the same basic steps for each client to help them achieve their goals. Every body is different and every periodized plan should be too, but here are some general phases to help you create your own plan.


Step 1 – Adaptation


The very first thing in every program is to do a foundation “build” or “check”. This means we are either getting your body used to exercise in a fun effective way, or we are doing a quick “system check” to ensure that you have a great foundation for us to build your goals off of.  This will reduce the risk of injury and more importantly set us up for success.

Step 2 – Form of Hypertrophy


This stage can have 3 different phases depending on our clients’ goals (weight loss, firm and tone, increase size etc). Regardless of what phase we have every client in, the main goal in step 2 is to create functional strength and to increase your metabolism. Teaching your body to use oxygen more effectively and prepping us for step 3.

Step 3 – Thermogenics


When our clients are ready to either tone, cut, or shed fat we will enter stage 3. This is where we will use the muscle we have created in the stage 2, to focus on targeting fat. This is a high intensity phase that is designed to increase lung capacity, endurance and fat loss, all of which are important for many goals.


All in all, each form of exercise can be helpful; although not all exercise will help you reach a specific goal. Doing the same program that 1000’s of others are doing will not give you the same results that someone else received. It is important to create a plan that works for YOU, YOUR GOALS, YOUR BODY AND YOUR ABILITIES. If you need some help with creating a periodized plan, give us a call and we would love to show you how we can help!


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Hope this helps you create that perfect plan to start maximizing your efforts!!

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