Here is a great recipe I stole from one of our amazing clients.

Simple, easy and fast to make.


1 Cup plain protein powder

1 Cup almond or peanut butter

½ to ¾ cup honey

2 tbsps of cocoa or cacao if you’re a chocoholic.

Add 4 cups of a mixture of chopped nuts, seeds, sugar free choc chips, hemp hearts, chia seeds, raisins, gyogi berries, sugar free coconut flakes. What ever you like or have on hand.

My modifications to reduce sugar and increase the fat.

I now use a sugar free vanilla plant based protein powder that’s sweetened with Stevia (from Costco) so no need for honey. If I’m making them for the kids I add a couple tbsp of Swerve or Monk Fruit (natural zero calorie sweeteners)

I also add ½ cup of coconut oil (warmed slightly for ease of mixing)

Freeze into balls or cow patties (if using coconut oil) on cookie sheet. Store in the freezer, they thaw in just a couple minutes.

And they taste delicious!


PVA Trainer- Lorne