Hello Team, Lorne here from PVA Trainer and today I wanted to touch base on Personal Training VS. Online Personal Training. Obviously we get a lot of questions about the advantages and disadvantages, so we wanted to compile a nice and easy chart. Below is a chart we created to help shed a little light on the differences as we see them. We recognize that some things we point out as “Cons” might be considered as “Pros” to some people and vice versa. This list is to hopefully help you decide which is best for you if you are looking into either.

We did want to mention one thing before we introduce our chart. Please know that anyone can be a “Professional” when it comes to health and wellness. It’s the internet, and with a weekend course or by challenging a test- YOU can be a certified trainer, simple as that.  Someone out there could have used every supplement or drug on the market for a few good pictures and is now selling their “tips” and “plans” on the internet to unsuspecting clients.  You could think that you are getting a fitness professional, but in the end you could be getting someone doing huge amounts of damage to your body. So a tip from PVA- no matter which direction you go, ALWAYS ask for education. We recommend asking for a degree in health sciences as a minimum. When you hear “certified”- ask how long it took or what they had to go through to get it- or look into it yourself. Now, we are not saying that there not some amazing trainers out there without a formal education, we just want you to be able to make educated decisions no matter what you decide to do.

Here are some Pros and Cons between Personal Training and Online Personal Training

Online Personal Training Personal Training In Person
Pros Cons Pros Cons
· On YOUR Schedule

· You LEARN how to achieve your goals

· Not reliant on anyone

· Everything can be delivered right to your phone

· Cost effective

· Overcomes the biggest barriers- time, money, and not knowing what to do

· Instead of support a few hours a week, you get it daily- anywhere you need it

· Easy to match personalities

· Hard to check form

· Leaves tracking in your hands

· Motivation is in your hands

· All interaction through mediums like text, email or phone

· Face to face interaction

· Scheduled to a specific time

· High costs can be motivating

· Getting immediate feedback on form

· Cheerleader for your workouts



· Limited to specific times

· High cost

· Only there a few hours a week while doing a workout

· Required to go to a specific location

· Can end up talking more then moving

· Eventually training stops and your left without the person

· Trainers move, quit, get sick etc, so they are not always able to be “there”

· Personalities might clash


Hopefully this helps answer some questions you might have on what are some advantages and disadvantages of both personal training and online training. If you still have questions we would LOVE to answer them. You can reach us anytime toll free 844 287 9782 or contactus@provisionathletics.com. Have an amazing day and drink lots of water!

Thanks for reading

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