Hello everyone. Lorne here from Provision Athletics and today I want to go over why Online Boot camps (our bronze option) can be so successful. There are millions of boot campers out there looking for a better way to get healthy and online boot camps are a great choice. Some common issues that we hear from boot campers: they can be weather dependent, they are resisted to only help people in a close demographic, the social network and support was limited to a few hours a week, the workouts were not tailored to specific results, they only ran for a few months of the year etc.

However, boot camps bring people together and achieve amazing result through community and support. Here are some reasons why Online Bootcamps might be for you!

You can do them at home

  • A great thing about online boot camps is that you can pull out your phone and have them with you no matter where you are. Take it to the gym, take it on holidays, do it at home- it doesn’t matter, your workout is always waiting for you WHERE you need it

They have different workouts based on your goals

  • PVA Trainer recognizes that not everyone in the same boot camp has the same end goal in mind. So we create 3 different workouts for strength, weight loss, and firming and toning (9 workouts total). So you can choose your goal, then choose a workout, but still be part of the team!

You can do them on your schedule

  • Time is always the biggest obstacle when it comes to fitness. Now instead of missing that 5 o’clock boot camp because of kids, or work, or an errand- you can get your workout right on your phone so that you have it WHEN you need it.

They run no matter what the weather is

  • It’s raining, or snowing (for our northern boot campers) outside? No worries, your workout is ready to do inside or outside!

There is no limit to group size

  • Being in a packed stuffy room with no space is never fun. With online boot camps you have all the space in the world to do your thing. Don’t want space- invite a friend over and do it with them!

You can meet friends all over the world

  • Another great feature is that people from all over the world can meet up to do the same workout. You can be in Florida and someone else can be in Honolulu and you can be doing the same workout

Daily/Unlimited support and motivation

  • Group support is such an amazing tool to achieving your goals. With online training we can all meet in a central place to talk about our goals, workouts, barriers, and successes to help one another out. A good place to meet is PVA Trainer Support Community

They run year round

  • Instead of only exercising for 3-4 months of the year with a boot camp- now we can keep on track with our goals throughout the year!


These are some of the biggest differences with online boot camps and why they can be so successful! If you are interested in learning more about home workouts or general fitness tips- you can check out more Articles HERE

If you are interested in an online boot camp you can download out FREE app PVA Trainer and check out our Bronze option. We offer 9 workouts that are fresh and new each week for less than a cup of coffee at Starbucks;)

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