Hi gang, Lorne here from Provision Athletics and I want to talk about the issue of TIME! I recently talked to a lady that said “she can no longer workout because her job changed and now she added 1.5 hrs a day to her commute”. An 8 hour work day plus 3 hours or driving will now consume all of her day. This was her mind set. The truth is- her priorities have changed and she no longer values exercise to be as important as other tasks. I don’t say that to be rude, I say that because it is true. I am not judging (who am I to tell her what she should value and have as a priority), I was merely pointing out the facts. If she could see that she would be able to make HUGE changes in her perception and in her health- if she wanted to.

Now back to TIME. The great thing is, is that EVERYONE gets the exact same amount of time in a day; 86,400 seconds, or 1,440 minutes, or 24 hours to be exact. That to me is great. It puts everyone on the same playing field and makes it fair.

Now, when we look at time and exercise one of the most common things we hear is “I do not have the time”, or “I’ll try to find time”. If this is something you often say to yourself- it is TIME to change your mind about TIME. You will never find or make more time- that is impossible. What we need to start doing is to not look at time, but instead, look at our priorities. Just as the lady from above, she still has 24 hours in a day- that has not changed. She can workout at work, before work, on a lunch break, at home or anywhere-anytime in those 24 hours. But she does not have health high enough on the priority list to want to see this.

This is the secret. If you look at your day and you do not have “time” to exercise- that means that you are using up your 86,400 seconds on other things that you prioritize or want more then exercise and your health. That is OK, if that is what you want, however if you want to get stronger, healthier, happier, more energetic etc, then you have to look at your priorities and re-evaluate what you can change.

Here are some tips to help:

  1. Track a few days
    • If you are able to see what a normal day looks like you can see where you can makes changes. Make a list of all the tasks you do in a day and how long each took. Where does your time get spent? When you add up all of your tasks and day does it equal 24 hours?
  2. Now make a list of all the things you VALUE
    • Write down everything you want, value, and think is important etc.
  3. Number the list from Most important to Least important
    • Start from the top and write down what YOU find to be the most important. Where does health fall on the list? If it falls way down the list, then at least you KNOW. If it is high on the list- what are we prioritizing now that is lower down on the list?
  4. Makes changes in your life to match your list
    • How much time do you spend on your phone, or TV, or doing things that might NOT be important to you?


Tips to fit exercise in if it IS IMPORTANT

  1. Walk or Bike instead of driving- this could be an easy way to sneak in some exercise
  2. Double Dip- do two things at once. Watch that show while you exercise.
  3. Choose something over nothing- Just do anything to get started by walking or moving
  4. Get out of bed- stop hitting snooze 10 times and get up right away
  5. Workout while cooking- why not lunge back and forth or do squats while something cooks
  6. Be creative! Anytime you feel like moving- do it


In the end, 24 hours in a day can be A LOT, and you can get so much done. WHAT you WANT to get done is the better question. If you want to maximize your TIME for fitness you can download PVA Trainer which will help teach you what to do. You can get workouts that you can do at home or anywhere. You can also track your progress and stay motivated.  For more motivation you can join our amazing support community PVA Trainer Support Community. We hope this helps!

Keep at it gang!

High Five