Happy June everyone and welcome to some nicer weather (for our northern PVA’ers). Lorne here and I want to tell everyone about our exciting June promotion! A little back ground first. We spend 365 days a year talking to people about their goals, their abilities, their limitations, and so forth, and we wish we could help them all. We always hope that we are able to offer all the information, workouts and motivation free for anyone who needs it, but we know that sometimes people need more. Sometimes, even when we have all of the information and tips, and tools, we still need that human to human accountability. Sometimes we need someone to TELL us exactly what to do, and to be there to support us along the way. But sometimes, that can be out of reach.

THIS is why we are excited about our JUNE promotion. We know that even with the best information in the world- you still want a custom plan and daily support from your very own professional. So that is what we are offering. We will be changing someone’s life for the months of July , August and September. We will be giving away weekly customized plans along with unlimited support from our professionals to someone in need. They will receive 3 unlimited months of our Platinum package with PVA.

Here is how to enter:

  1. Simply Like our page Provision Athletics
  2. Join our PVA Trainer Support Community
  3. Tell us how we can help on the Provision Athletics Page
  • What are your goals?
  • What are your barriers?
  • How can we help?
  • How will achieving your goals affect your life?
  • Who can you motivate to join your journey?
  1. Share your post on your wall and invite your friends to vote for you
  2. Download PVA Trainer in the app store to receive free workouts
  3. Follow along and start your journey until we choose our winner!

At the end of June our team will be reading each and every entry to choose a lucky winner. This is not a popularity contest; however we want to know that the life we change will pay it forward.

People are motivated by family, friends, co workers, or other people achieving results. It shows them that they too can achieve their goals if they choose to. So the more you publicize your results- the more people you can help along the way.

We are excited about our June promotion and hope to help 1,000’s of people who will be following!

As always Thanks for reading

High five!