Easter is coming! And that means SO much sugar! Every year, I hide little toys (from the ‘forgotten toy bin’) in the eggs along with notes for the kids to keep active, as well as draw out the fun of the hunt. My kids have to do the action before opening another egg. Here is a picture of the ones I am doing this year! Remember that you can celebrate these holidays in a fun way without involving all of the sugar😀

Here are some of the ideas I put in my eggs:

Kiss for Mom (all time favorite)

Hug for Nan

10 squats

5 pushups

Spin in a circle 10 times

Do a Teddy Bear Roll

Do a Cart Wheel

Take a funny picture on mom/dads phone


Try these ideas an any holiday!! Christmas can also be fun where they have to do certain things before they open their next gift!! One thing I always do is a back rub for dad before the he brings you the next gift!

Happy Holidays

PVA Trainer- Shayna