One of the most over looked part of creating a healthy lifestyle is goal setting! We believe that everyone has great goals, but they might not have the right “Road Map” to achieve them. That is why it is important to set SMART Goals. S.M.A.R.T stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time bound. Without one or the other we are simply “hoping” to achieve our goals. Lets quickly break these down to show you what we mean:

Specific– a goal should be thought through enough that you can easily, and simply explain in to someone. It should have enough detail so you know exactly what it is that you are shooting for. A great specific goal would be: run 5 kms in under 60 minutes, or to be able to complete a certain fun run etc.

Measurable– a goal needs to be able to be assessed. How we do this is by setting a specific goal and comparing our results to our goal. You do this so that you are able to see how far away you are to your goal or how close you have come! You can measure progress in many ways, some examples are time, distance, body measurements, etc.

Attainable– a goal needs to be something that is possible. It must be difficult yet achievable. Everyone has different levels of attainability but set the bar- so that you are capable of reaching it. Once you reach it- set another goal!

Realistic– similar to attainable, make sure that the goal you set is something that is realistic based on your schedule, knowledge, time, ability etc. It is a good thing to cross check your health goals with your life and career goals. They all must work together

Time bound– one of the most commonly forgot tasks of goal setting. We need to attach a time limit to our goals so that we can always rate progress and hold ourselves accountable. Always attach an end date to your goal- or else it is “In the Wind”.

There you have some basic rules to goal setting! The last piece of the puzzle to goal setting it to WRITE IT OUT and make it visible! I like to take my goals and put them somewhere visible that I will see them everyday. For the, the ceiling over top of my bed has been the best place for my goals. With my goals being the last thing I see before I fall asleep and the first thing I see when I wake up- it is easy to keep them “front of mind”

The last important tip for goal setting, is to always re check your goals. If you do not feel a deep inspiration when looking at your goals- then it is time to set new ones. A goal is not static- it can be forever changing to your wants, needs an desires. Constantly re evaluate your goals and your wants!

You can open up PVA Trainer and in the menu you will see “questionnaires”, this is a great place to start goal setting!

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