It is no secret that achieving your health and fitness goals and maintaining them
can be hard. Many people’s journey for healthy habits are similar…they are
struggling with how to exercise, how to make time for exercise, and how to feel
motivated when they're not seeing results. And most of them are also so
confused about nutrition and feel stuck in a deprive-then-binge cycle, starting
and stopping this program or that. If you haven’t experienced this yourself, you
probably know of someone who has.
Once you discover your WHY, your purpose for exercising and eating healthy,
then everything changes.
Take a moment right now to reflect on your WHY….
Why do you want to be fit or healthy or strong or have more energy?
Your reason cannot be your results!! If your purpose is the outcome, then you
will no longer have a purpose once you achieve the outcome.
Find a way to enjoy the process. The process is actually the point! This is
your LIFE. Your journey. It's what matters the most in creating long term
healthy habits that work for you and your lifestyle.
You must enjoy the process. For so many, the process sucks. Not everyone likes
to exercise and of course wants to eat yummy food. Discover what you love
about exercise, or different types of exercise, what healthy and nutritious foods
do you like, learn to cook delicious and healthy food maybe using ingredients
you have never you have never tried before. Experiment and find what you

When habits get hard, when habits are new and uncomfortable and unfamiliar,
your why is what gets you through.

How can you stay motivated even when you're feeling stuck? Since your
motivation cannot just be the outcome, you need to be motivated by the daily
actions that allow you to eventually achieve your outcome. Your motivation
needs to be so strong that even once you get there you are driven to set new
goals, develop a new outcome, and continue on with your purpose. Your
purpose needs to be intrinsic, something within yourself that motivates you to
keep going – your feeling of success when you do a workout, and eat the healthy
meal. Create daily actions that inspire you and drive you to keep going.

So that’s it! This is step of determining your why and then working out
what will get you there is often the biggest hurdle to getting starting and
staying the course. You can do it! Just keep coming back to your WHY
and setting/resetting your goals along the way.

-PVA Trainer Becky

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