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How available is my trainer?2017-02-01T10:52:06-07:00

PVA Trainers are available for you when you need them. Once again your trainer is a real person and does have a life. All of our trainers live very active lives as you can imagine. We open our unlimited hours from 9 am to 5 pm local time for our clients so that you can access them through the day. However, PVA Trainers are all very passionate about helping and are always there when they can be. If you send a message and they can get back to you, they always will with a smile. For immediate responses however, get a hold of PVA Trainers between the hours of 9-5.

What does the daily contact look like?2017-01-14T06:56:59-07:00

This is always different! Some clients get yelled at (kidding) and some clients just need reminders throughout the day. The idea with the contact is to help with accountability and let you know that we are there to help. Our job is to contact you on the daily. It could be a “how was your day?” or could be “GET A WORKOUT IN”. This is all real interaction from a real person that cares about you and your health. Our job is to touch point with you daily, but communication goes both ways. If you have questions or need something, send your trainer a message, that’s our job

How do you customize the workouts?2017-02-01T10:53:14-07:00

Each week you will receive a new workout based on your last week’s feedback and progress. Your trainer will go over your measurements, exercise and workout feedback, as well as the daily input your provide them, and will customize a plan just for you. This is a REAL person creating a plan JUST FOR YOU.

What happens if I am traveling ?2017-02-01T10:53:52-07:00

Travel all you want. Your trainer will create a plan no matter where you are or no matter what you have. If you only have your body weight, we will make a plan for just that. Simply let your trainer know where you are going and what you have access to, and bippity boppity boop- the plan will be waiting for you:!

How will my trainer motivate me ?2017-02-01T10:54:34-07:00

In the end- only YOU can do what we need you to do. However, there is something motivating about someone caring about your goals as much (or sometimes more) then you do. Your trainer motivates through results, accountability support and by laying out a fun and easy plan. Having someone by your side as your take each step has proven to motivate our clients to not only achieve their goals, but to keep them.

Is Online Training For me ?2017-02-01T10:56:28-07:00

If you are looking for support and motivation- then YES it is for you. As the majority of our team started as “in person” trainers, we have a great insight on which training style works better. When most people start looking for help to achieve their fitness goals, they are looking for someone to show them what to do, and to help support them while they are doing it. With online training we are able to support them 7 days a week rather than a few hours. Also, we are able to TEACH our clients what to do without being beside them. That means that they actually LEARN the movement and will be able to continue with it without us.

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