It is funny that you can read that comment above as two different people. One person can be upset and bewildered, and then another person can be astonished, excited and confused. I think it all comes down to who is reading it and what they have been exposed to.

I thought today I would talk about our rates.

Simply because I often get 2 VERY DIFFERENT reactions to our options.

Reaction #1

“You charge how much??”

Followed by a “That’s so expensive”.

Now usually when I get this response, it is someone looking for a plan and support. They often have tried every weight loss gimmick in the book and are now contacting me because they feel they need some help with their goals.


Reaction #2

“You charge how much??”

Followed by a “wow, that is amazing”

These reactions are usually from someone who is looking for a plan, and that has been around the block with personal trainers, or other costly options. They are usually looking for us to help them continue on with their goals, or for us to help them be independent or be able to do it at home.


Now, I believe the difference between the two is really a mindset. I honestly think that if we charged $1, and we didn’t offer someone what they were looking for, then we were over charging. Now if we are offering someone what they are looking for then it is about teaching them why we charge what we charge.

I will do my best

First, lets have a look at what other options are out there.

The alternatives

Other Personal Trainers– $50-$150/HOUR (before gym dues/fees)

Issues- Usually weekend certified, have to be at a certain place at certain time, people become reliant, trainers only help for the hour in the gym (when most people are at their best), pay for every hour, workouts are hard to recreate or remember, and high cost to continue, not to mention that you have to go and sweat in front of someone who is standing there watching you.

Shakes/supplements– Upwards of $300/Month (Shakeology user information)

Issues- When you stop- results stop, not a long term fix, yo-yo continues, often sold to you by friends,  and a cost you pay for a lifetime if you choose to continue

Surgery– $15,000+ for lap band surgery

Issues- Usually does not fix the root of the problem- HABITS.


Provision Athletics Online Training (

Our goal is to teach, support, guide and motivate our clients on a daily basis (when they start). That means that it takes a lot of time to ensure our clients are getting the best of everything. For us to fully customize a plan, it takes time to read previous comments, injuries, like/dislikes, equipment needed/not needed, and to actually create a plan. To program and contact our clients each week takes roughly 1.5- 2 hours. Our Platinum option then breaks down to less than $35/hour our clients are paying for a University educated trainer to be at their side.

We start everyone on our Daily Contact- Platinum option at $280/month

As our clients become less and less reliant on their trainer, we open up other options all the way down to $35/WEEK.

Some clients learn what they need in a single month, others have been with us since day 1; never because they do not know what to do, but instead they simply love our service and for as little as $35/week they get a customized plan right to their phone.

Issues- You need to be committed and make it a priority (just as anything you want to achieve), and……………. It has to be something you want to do.


If $69 still seems like it is TOO much for you to have a trainer teach you everything you need to be successful and to support you on a daily basis then we still want to help. You can download our free app PVA TRAINER for free workouts, and you can get all the information you’ll ever need on HOW to achieve your goals by yourself on our website

If our rates seem like a killer deal for what we do! We would love to help you achieve your goals by your side. You can check out the same website to book a free consultation.

All in all, finding the best option for you should be about the long term! If you pay a little for a long time, or a little more but not as long….. Find what works best for you and your goals.

PVA Trainer- Lorne