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Happy June everyone and welcome to some nicer weather (for our northern PVA’ers). Lorne here and I want to tell everyone about our exciting June promotion! A little back ground first. We spend 365 days a year talking to people about their goals, their abilities, their limitations, and so forth, and we wish we could [...]

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Home Workouts Vs. Gym Workouts

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Hello Gang! Lorne here from Provision Athletics -I hope you are all having a great day. I wanted to answer a question that I get almost DAILY- "is it better to workout at home or at a gym". In my personal opinion- this all comes down to your goals and your preferences. But let's look [...]

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How to MAXIMIZE your time exercising!

2016-05-09T05:50:34-06:00By |Exercise, Workout|

Hey Gang- Lorne here from Provision Athletics, and I want to go over the #1 reason why MOST people never see results when it comes to a fitness program- PERIODIZATION. Periodization is the key to any health and wellness goal. By changing variables within the program, the body continues to adapt and therefore continues to [...]

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