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Finding your WHY

2018-08-27T09:44:15-06:00By |Uncategorized|

It is no secret that achieving your health and fitness goals and maintaining them can be hard. Many people’s journey for healthy habits are similar…they are struggling with how to exercise, how to make time for exercise, and how to feel motivated when they're not seeing results. And most of them are also so confused about [...]

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Want to Change the World?

2018-07-31T08:19:16-06:00By |Uncategorized|

Want to change the world with your Kids? Ok, that might be a bold statement, but with the rise in obesity and with schools removing physical education, it might actually be closer to home than ever before. Did you know that over the past 30 years, child hood obesity has TRIPLED (source- Government of Canada)! [...]

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3 Ways to Make Nutrition Easier

2018-07-26T12:16:52-06:00By |Uncategorized|

Nutrition can be hard and complicated. Eat fats, don't eat fats.  Eat carbs, don't eat carbs. Drink warm water, or drink cold water. Fast or eat 5-6 x /day........... The list can honestly go on and on. One of the main reasons there is so much cloudiness when it comes to nutrition is because everyone [...]

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Small Changes Equal Huge Results

2018-07-25T15:46:17-06:00By |Uncategorized|

Sometimes our clients say it best: " Not all results can be seen on a picture of represented on a scale or measuring tape. My results are that I have increased my daily water intake, am eating regularly throughout the day and workout daily. I don't have any underarm flab anymore. I can do regular [...]

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Simple Tips to Create Healthy Habits

2018-07-25T15:15:44-06:00By |Uncategorized|

Let's spend some time this week talking about habits. In forming any habit, good or bad these 3 things are in play. There is Cue: which is something that triggers a specific action. Action: is the routine. Reward: is the satisfaction or completion of the routine, or celebration/acknowledgement while forming the habit. Using the example [...]

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No such thing as the “21 Day Fix”

2018-07-25T15:02:40-06:00By |Uncategorized|

We have all heard "it takes 21 days to form a habit". This is a complete myth. So stop trying to 21 day fix yourself, or doing every 30 day challenge out there. The truth is the actual length of time varies depending on the behavior you are trying to change, the person (YOU), and [...]

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