Summer is here and we know that everyone is looking for body weight workouts that they can do outside or on the go. Below we have a list of workouts that we want to do at least 3 sets (up to 5) and 10-15 reps each. That means we are going to do one exercise 10 times, take a 60 second break, and then do the same exercise again. Each group of “10” is one set. Make sure to do 10 each side to count as 1 set. Our rep range is 10-15. That means that 10 is our goal and if we feel like we can do 15, then it is too easy. Make it harder by adding weight, changing the angle/height, or by doing a hold at the tip of the motion. For our at home or outdoor enthusiasts, get creative; use a milk jug, fire extinguisher, water jug, suitcase, anything that adds weight.

Have fun and let us know that you have completed them on our FB page. Also you can get these workouts in our free app PVA Trainer– and will come with tracking, full descriptions and videos for direction!

Workouts Day 1- Legs

1.BB Cross Lunge 2.Sumo Dead Lift3.Prone Glute Raises

4. Narrow Squat Kick Back 5.Lying Lower Leg Lift

1.Cross Lunge Reverse

2. Sumo Dead Lift

3.Prone Glute Raise

4.Narrow Squat + Kick back

5. Lying Lower Leg Raise


Workout Day 2- Chest and Triceps

1.Pushups2. DB Push Press3. Side Plank Oblique Raises

4. Side Punches 5.Lying tricep extensions

1. Push ups

2. Push Press

3. Oblique Raises

4. Side Punches

5. Lying Tricep Extensions

Workout Day 3- Back and Biceps

1.hammer curls2. One arm reverse fly 3.Seated alternating front raise

4. DB High Pulls 5.Woodchoppers

1.Hammer Curls

2. Reverse Fly

3. Seated Front Raises

4. High Pull

5. Woodchoppers


Remember to have fun this summer and be active!! All of these workouts can be done with no equipment! For the ones with weights, just use what you have- anything will do.

Thanks again for reading.

High Five

Also, don’t forget to get the PVA Trainer App! Its free in the app store and offers tracking and workouts. We also change our Bootcamp workout twice a week so you can follow along anywhere!


Contact us anytime at 844 287 9782 to go over a customized plan! Or throw us an email We are always here to help!